Aspire 2

Supporting students in second-level DEIS Schools to get the best Leaving

Cert possible and increase their chances of progression.

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DPS and Aspire2

Corporate Social Solidarity with DEIS schools in Cork and Dublin.

Aspire2 is a programme focused on empowering young people in second-level education to fulfill their full potential.

We currently work with ten schools in Dublin and Cork and are funded by DPS.

Opportunities with Aspire2

We have a range of opportunities available for young people in post-primary DEIS schools in Ireland.

Learn about third level options and get support in taking your next steps in education

Join an alumni of students supporting one another to thrive in education

Participate in our Youth Advisory Panel in your school and build your leadership skills

Grow in confidence through projects where you decide how Aspire2 funding can empower you

We believe in collaboration and unity of purpose

We value student voice in developing and in the delivery of Aspire2

Learn More About Aspire2

We're proud to work with amazing partners in delivering great outcomes for young people. Watch our video to hear from students, mentors and principals about the benefits of the Aspire2 model in their schools.

Gabriel O'Connor

Past participant in the Youth Advisory Panel and member of Aspire2 Alumni

“I would highly recommend getting

involved with the Aspire 2 programme if it is running in your school... I have loved every moment of being involved and aim to be a part of the programme for as long as I can.”

Aspire2 Schools

Aspire2 works with ten DEIS schools in Cork and Dublin.

Resources for Mentors

Aspire2 Guide to Student Mentoring

DPS Aspire2

This guide is for mentors working with students in Aspire2 schools.

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