Supporting students in second-level DEIS schools to get the best Leaving Cert possible and increase their chances of progression.

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Aspire2 and Partners

Corporate social solidarity that changes young people's lives.

Aspire2 is an organisation focused on empowering young people in second-level DEIS schools to fulfill their full potential. With help from our funding partners, we can support young people to get their best Leaving Cert and progress to third-level or apprenticeships.

We work with ten schools across Cork and Dublin and are funded by DPS Group. If you'd like to support our work please get in touch.


How you can help

By showing corporate social solidarity, funders are empowering us to mentor young people in DEIS schools to get the best Leaving Certificate possible

The Impact of the Programme

Our Aspire2 Schools have seen great results in student progression in 2022

Student Progression to Third Level



Student Progression to Apprenticeships



Opportunities for Companies looking to support young people

Funding Aspire2 gives you and your employees the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of young people who historically for social and economic reasons have had less access to third level opportunities.

Empower students to choose third level options and take their next steps in education

Support an alumni of students supporting one another to thrive in education

Participate in Mentoring programmes in DEIS schools and inspire a new generation of leaders

Help students grow in confidence through projects where they decide how Aspire2 funding can empower you

Inspire young people to be decision makers and change makers

See the Social Return on Investment and know you are making a difference

Image of young people who have benefited from Aspire2 funding. This is the cover for the Exploring Social Value and Return on Investment for the Aspire2 Programme Report

Exploring the Social Value and Return on Investment for the Aspire2 Programme

University of Galway, November 2022

In this report read how for every euro invested in Aspire2 programmes there is a social return on investment of seven times that.

Young People talking together on the cover of Rethink Ireland's report on Rethink Ireland's Education Fund

Findings from an Evaluation of Rethink Ireland's Education Fund

Rethink Ireland, June 2021

In this report read how the Education Fund has brought better outcomes for young people involved in Aspire2.

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Hear from past students that are still involved with Aspire2 as third level students in our alumni

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